Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to supporting and contributing to the society in a sustainable manner. We value the safety, health and well being of the society that we work with. Our policies, operations, work plans are configured to ensure sustainability, effectiveness, safety and secure livelihoods.

Pillars of our Sustainability Strategy


Improve the health and well-being of our employees and the communities in our operational areas


Become industry leader on Zero harm and Zero Fatalities in our operational areas

Education and Empowerment

Foster opportunities for education and professional development

Health and Safety

We prioritise the health and safety of our employees, host communities, contractors and others impacted by our operations. We identify, manage, mitigate or eliminate health and safety risks in our business.

We recognise and uphold our employees and contractors’ right to a safe workplace. We identify, evaluate and control occupational health and safety hazards and work to provide a work environment that is free from fatalities and injuries. We uphold a zero-harm and zero –fatalities policies across all our operations

We work to improve not just our employees’ health and wellbeing, but that of our host communities. We assess, monitor and control health risks to prevent occupational diseases among our workforce, and create community programmes to tackle public health issues.

Our approach

Our health and safety thrust is zero fatalities, serious injuries and occupational illnesses. We believe our people have a right to go home safe and healthy to their families and their communities at the end of every day.

Managing risks to the health of our employees and host communities is essential for their long-term well-being. We use a variety of onsite programmes to manage occupational diseases and exposure to health hazards; we also host a health programmes in our operational areas to mitigate health problems and promote healthy lifestyles.

The most common on-site health hazards ; are working with heavy loads, noise, diesel exhaust fumes, acid mist, and coal dust containing heavy metals. We monitor our people’s exposure to toxic hazards and seek to control this exposure wherever possible.

Our Group Health and Safety Policy requires our operational assets to have formal plans, processes and records to allow routine monitoring of occupational health.

We operate real time interventions on any incidents of injuries or fatalities. We have fully integrated systems to rehabilitate injured staff back to work.

Health Management Strategy

Our occupational health management strategy

We promote, educate and support our employees in making healthy lifestyle choices and work to enhance access to primary health services. We expect everyone entering our site to be free of infectious diseases, not under the influence of intoxicating substances and observe universal precautions on health.

Our occupational health management strategy addresses the health risks facing our employees, their families and the local communities. We provide with primary health care services through clinics , health promotion initiatives etc.

The strategy has three pillars, which build on good practise on health service provision: Zero –Harm Zero Fatalities; Wellness Programmes – Mental Health Gender Based Violence and Diversity , Universal Health through provision of Primary Health Care Services, Health Promotion and Health Days

Education and Empowerment

We work to facilitate access to education for students with special preference for those from disadvantaged family backgrounds .We achieve this through various offerings including University Fees assistance, Work Experience in our workplaces across various departments.

We prioritise local businesses and work to support their work in various ways .